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What Is Retreading?

Tires that are fully worn can be re-manufactured to replace the worn tread. This is known as retreading or recapping, a process of buffing away the worn tread and applying a tire case to make a new tread. Retreading is economical for truck tires because the cost of a new tire is greater than replacing the tread. Retreading passenger tires is less economical because the cost of a new tire is lower than retreading the tires (in most cases), high-end brands it is economical to have the tread replaced.

Are Retread Tires Safe?

Retreaded tires in all applications, including heavy construction equipment, have consistently demonstrated the same reliability in operation as new tires. In most situations, retread tires can be driven under the same conditions and at the same speeds as new tires with no loss in safety or comfort.

Is Retreading Green?

Retreading conserves on oil, the rubber used in new passenger tires contain several gallons of oil. Retreading the same tires uses a 1/4 of the amount of oil. Not only does retreading save on oil and price but it also help more with the environment by keeping it out of the landfills.

Foam Filling

We also provide foam fill flat-proofing. This process involves filling the tire completely with foam, thus making a solid tire that is more efficient to use and “flat free.” It also provides lifelong usage at the tire-recommended air pressure, allowing for a “people proof” tire for the entire life of the tire. The foam is set by PSI so the tire will still act and feel the same as an air filled tire but will never go flat.

For more information on retreading and foam filling, contact one of our locations:

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Flemingsburg : (606) 849-8473

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